Horus (English Version)


"I am Horus, the Great Falcon that rises above the walls of the house of Him, the one with the secret name. My flight has reached the horizon. I have transcended the gods of Nut (deity of darkness prior to the universal creation). I have gone farther than the gods of old. Even the most ancient bird cannot match my first flight. I have abandoned my place beyond the powers of Set, the enemy of my father, Osiris.

No other God can do what I have done. I have brought the ways of eternity at dawn. I am unique in my flight. My anger turned against my father's enemy, Osiris, and I put him at my feet in my name of 'the one with the Red Mantle.'"

When the horizon
is stained with redness,
and in the sky, it rises
an undulating pink column,
which is the plume of your helmet,
you arise
from the bosom of death and night victorious,
young God Horus, the Son of Isis and Osiris.

Before your gaze, show themselves to you
all beings on earth,
from the air, from the sea,
while you bow reverently
your head before Maat (Truth-Order-Justice).

The heavens, the beings, and the worlds cry out.

The colors, the shapes,
the waters and torrents,
the brightness, the reflections,
the eyes, the faces shout.

The morning, the smile,
the flowers and the fields,
the cloud, the breeze, all greet you.

Hail Horus!
Mae Hor.

Vencedor de la muerte y de la noche,
El Que aprisionas a Seth entre Tus Brazos;
¡Dios Viviente en nosotros!
¡Nombre Sagrado Compartido!
Luchador contra La Pesantez,

Luchador contra La Decadencia,
Luchador contra Lo Inferior,

Por Ti luchan y vencen
los vencedores,
Por Ti reinan los reyes,
Por Ti se eleva el Espíritu a Alturas cada vez más Excelsas.

Espíritu Ardiente de Khonsu, la luna viajera
Pájaro de Fuego
Resplandor de Maat
Gloria en comunión
Síntesis de todos los bienes
Vigor de nuestras almas
Lucidez de nuestras mentes
Generosidad de nuestros corazones
De lo mejor de nosotros Tú emanas
De lo puro y limpio de nuestras almas
Tú surges Poderosamente Horus, Horus, Horus.



I am the eye in the sky looking at you,
I can read your mind.
I am the maker of rules dealing with fools, I can cheat you blind...

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